Children of the Temple


After scattering a howling flock of skywolves, the party climbs the ramp of the tower, only to emerge onto a rocky plateau. In the centre of the plateau crouches a woman with dark wings. She turns, revealing herself to be the Crying Goddess and answers the party’s questions about why she is doing what she is doing.

When asked what she is doing, she replies that she wants her eyes back. When pressed on how she plans to do that, she reaches deep into the ground at her feet and hurls the spear whose head is just poking out of it. The spear strikes the moon and shatters it, dripping mercury and gems from the bleeding edges. The goddess snatches two orbs of mercury to replace her eyes.

The party attacks in the first full sunlight that they have seen in years. They have little effect on her, and expend much magic summoning allies. For a time, she bears their attacks with no real response, but is eventually forced to defend herself. Charming most of the party (all but Tabitha and one summoned creature), she advises them all to bide their time and depart in peace.

As Tabitha currently has the goddess grappled, and Adran feels compelled to defend her, Adran casts Mage’s Disjunction, dissolving the reality around the group into raw Chaos. The rocky ground is stripped away, revealing the members of the party to be miles tall, standing (and fighting) on top of (and all around) Celes in what must have been a fantastic show for those below, before that too vanishes. The goddess herself dissolves with a shriek, and the rest of the party has their demigod-hood forcibly ripped away, leaving them stranded in a sea of Chaos.


Midnotion Midnotion

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