The Pantheon

Elder Gods

The First Children of Day & Night are not often invoked. Their role is considerably more abstract than that of their children/siblings and often not relevant to daily life. Their usual depictions in art are:

Val of the Land
a rough, strong, heavyset middle-aged man, naked, either standing beside or sitting on a mountain that comes up to his chest
Vox of the Sky
a lithe young female, either naked or draped in gauzy fabrics, floating in the breeze
Vett of the Sea
a female, naked, often with a fish tail rather than legs, or with scales on her skin, splashing in the waves

Younger Gods

The most well-known of the Younger Children of Day & Night, and their common associations are:

Name Depiction Symbol Associations
Forgal the Smith Male, blacksmith with leather apron & a hammer Hammer Hard work, metal, stone, the forge
Keira the Huntress Female, hunter, with bow & giant hunting cat (named Ribetsuna) Arrow The hunt, forests, animals
Cara the Caring Female, with apron & skillet Flame The hearth, fertility, food, comfort
Ladina the Protector Female, with armour & weapons Shield Protection, strength, endurance
Riga the Farmer Female, with a sickle & a threshing rod Sheaf of grain The harvest, hard work, endurance, song
Tsun the Sailor Male, with a fishing net and gutting knife Fish Sailing, fishing, weather, song
Tylo the Scholar Male, with a book and a candle, and his crow (Tot, meaning Truth) Candle Knowledge, secrets, birds
Nadia the Handmaid Female, with a long dress and a tiara or halo of stars 4-pointed Gem or Star Beauty, decoration, the stars, comfort, wealth
Dal the Healer Male, with a bandage and a knife Bandage Healing, medicine, herbs, strength
Melosia the Dancer Female, with long flowing clothes A circle or a songbird Wind, dance, birds, song, travel

Special mention must be made of The Crying Goddess (also known as the Mother of Monsters; given name unknown), born of this second generation, but disfigured and cast out by Night.

The Pantheon

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