Chaos creates Nothing

First, there was Chaos. Chaos was everywhere and everything. Chaos writhed and danced, creating all manner of things. Eventually, Chaos created Nothing, and Chaos marvelled at the not-Chaos. Making two beings and setting them in the Nothing, Chaos danced and waited to see what might happen.

Day and Night create the World

One of them was bright and lovely to look upon, and the other was dark and shimmered beautifully. They gave each other Names as birthing-gifts, the bright Day and the dark Night. Greatly desiring each other, they worked to create a world that they may lie in it together.

Day and Night create the Elder Gods

The world was vast, and required great care to maintain. Desiring to spend more time with each other, Day and Night created servants to care for the world in their stead. Thus were made the gods of Land, Sky and Sea.

The Elder Gods petition Day and Night

Free of responsibility, Day and Night shook the world with their love-making. The domains of Land, Sky and Sea shattered and reformed and shattered again. Frustrated with the difficulty of their task, the Elder Gods formed a plan. They went to Day and Night with a proposal. If Day and Night would only create a few more helper-Gods, they could make the world softer and more comfortable and fill it with all kinds of beauty to look upon, touch, scent, taste and hear.

Day and Night create the Younger Gods

Seeing the wisdom of their children, Day and Night took a fragment of each of the Elder Gods and blew further life into them. Instructing the Younger Gods to respect and obey their Elders, Day and Night resumed their chase across the heavens.

The Younger Gods’ Creations

Twice-made, the Younger Gods dispersed throughout the world and attempted Creations of their own. Their Creations quickly filled the world with all manner of plants and beasts. Each Creation was flawed, however – weak, mortal and without wisdom. The Younger Gods conferred to ponder this problem.

The Elder Gods Teach the Younger Gods

Reminded of their instruction to respect and obey the Elder Gods, the Younger Gods went to the Elder Gods to ask for their advice on how to Create beings like themselves. Now the Elder Gods knew this to be impossible – a greater being can only create a lesser one – but they taught the Younger Gods what they had learned. With that aid, the Younger Gods Created all sorts of thinking creatures, and we have been here ever since.

Day’s attention wanders

Over time, the one now known as the Crying Goddess became obsessed with Day. Her own beauty outstripped that of her brethren by far, and her hair was nearly as dark as her mother’s. She schemed to gain his attention, and after arranging for Night to be distracted elsewhere, began to seduce him.

Night becomes jealous

Upon Night’s return, she was furious. She tore out her daughter’s eyes, saying “If my husband’s beauty was the cause, I’ll free you from the temptation”. She then banished her from the heavens, and decreed that her name be forgotten. It was for this betrayal that the races the Crying Goddess had helped create are viewed with suspicion and called monsters.

The Sun

Turning to her husband, Night tore out one of his eyes and hurled it into the sky, saying “Let this be a reminder to never let your gaze leave my face again, or I shall take your other eye as well!”

The Moon

Looking at Day and seeing the pain in his face and the flaw in his beauty she had caused, Night was filled with regret. In a gesture of sympathy, she plucked out one of her own eyes and threw it into the heavens to join Day’s, saying “Let it not be said that we are unequal. I will suffer with you, and together we will remember the pain of this betrayal.”


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