Children of the Temple


After scattering a howling flock of skywolves, the party climbs the ramp of the tower, only to emerge onto a rocky plateau. In the centre of the plateau crouches a woman with dark wings. She turns, revealing herself to be the Crying Goddess and answers the party’s questions about why she is doing what she is doing.

When asked what she is doing, she replies that she wants her eyes back. When pressed on how she plans to do that, she reaches deep into the ground at her feet and hurls the spear whose head is just poking out of it. The spear strikes the moon and shatters it, dripping mercury and gems from the bleeding edges. The goddess snatches two orbs of mercury to replace her eyes.

The party attacks in the first full sunlight that they have seen in years. They have little effect on her, and expend much magic summoning allies. For a time, she bears their attacks with no real response, but is eventually forced to defend herself. Charming most of the party (all but Tabitha and one summoned creature), she advises them all to bide their time and depart in peace.

As Tabitha currently has the goddess grappled, and Adran feels compelled to defend her, Adran casts Mage’s Disjunction, dissolving the reality around the group into raw Chaos. The rocky ground is stripped away, revealing the members of the party to be miles tall, standing (and fighting) on top of (and all around) Celes in what must have been a fantastic show for those below, before that too vanishes. The goddess herself dissolves with a shriek, and the rest of the party has their demigod-hood forcibly ripped away, leaving them stranded in a sea of Chaos.

Home at Last

After the charmed Urgg lets the party in through the barrier, Lydia quickly kills him and the party sets off for Red’s inn. Evading patrols at the edge of the city, Tabitha guides the others to the escape route she used to leave the inn. Finding the tunnel blocked off by the foundations of the massive spire being built in the city, the party takes to the streets.

Making hurried disguises for themselves, they make way for the inn through rubble-choked back alleys. The others are convinced that she’s going the wrong way, but eventually put their faith in her and let her lead them on.

After being welcomed at the back door to the inn, Tabitha and Red have a long-awaited heart-to-heart.

The party comes up with a plan to topple the tower where it gets sufficiently thin and after a rest and a good meal, set out for the spire, transformed into a flock of vultures by Trixie. As they get closer and closer, the spire seems larger and larger, until they eventually realize that space is being warped, and that the tower is not as thin as they thought, and also much taller. They resolve to go as high as they can and shatter it there.

Return to Celes

Trixie and Lydia rejoin the others, and the group learns of a magical door that can quickly transport them near Celes, though not directly into the city due to a barrier placed there by the Crying Goddess.

Selecting a cave with which Lydia was familiar, they step through and then set about locating some Urgg to get them through the barrier. They find a group of Urgg escorting some slaves down by the river, and kill all but one, who gets charmed by Aoibhe.

The Archive

The PCs fly up to the secret-containing cloud only to discover the Archive, a flying castle guarded by emotionless flying people. After defeating enough guardians to enter, they discover a small doll in the vestibule that answers questions about the Archive.

They learn that the Crying Goddess has managed to replicate Ladina’s ability to create protection barriers, and that Tylo was expecting her to destroy him. He believed that the Crying Goddess was attempting to regain the heavens, and take revenge upon Night. To that end, she began construction of the great tower in Celes and he believed that he (a child of Vox, with domain over creatures of the air) would be a logical next step in her assault.

A carefully worded clue in his diary directs the PCs to the oldest and most powerful artifacts, where they find a warehouse full of magical items and 7 pieces of raw Chaos.

Level 4, Mythic 6
Eva is full size now.

Characters can each select up to 8000g worth of magical items from the Archives.

A Gloopy Victory

The PCs set a plan to hunt some two-headed gloopy wolves, and it actually worked.

After defeating the massive wolf (after a strong blow from Adran and a final shin-kick from Tabitha), Tot appears. Tot informs the party (mostly) that Tylo & Tot’s time is up, and that there are secrets that the party ought to seek out – secrets that will help.

Tot then impales himself on Lydia’s longspear, turning into a decoration, just as Tylo is destroyed (an effect which the PCs feel, but the villagers do not).

Level 3, Mythic 5

A Thorny Problem

Six months pass. The party gets attacked by a variety of beasts with blackthorns growing out of their bodies. Noting the frequency of attacks focussed on the PCs, Cenate Loren sends the PCs north to find what shelter they may at Clanhold PaDran, accompanied by Elowen and her husband Braiden. Loren sends along a chest with 800g to offer as a bribe to the clan, as there have been regular conflicts between the Rathwood and the Clans.

The party then convinces the rangers to let the children go ahead on their own, to increase the chances of a good reception from the Clansmen.

They find a couple of abandonned clanholds (one of which had been swallowed up by the earth). Each had a black stone doorway (like the one the giant two-headed wolf came out of in Celes, only smaller).

They eventually made it to a friendly clanhold at the edges of clan territory and settled in.

The party has a chest with 800g, a mule and a cart.

Adran is full size, Tabitha and Aoibhe grow to -1

Level 3, Mythic 4

Two-Headed Gloopy Wolves

While camping in the Rathwood, the party is attacked by a pack of two-headed wolves. Adran stunned some of them but when Tabitha threw one into another, they glooped together into a bigger wolf that then stood up and attacked.

After finally defeating the pack, and with the howling of another pack on their heels, the party returned to Cenate Loren to seek aid and describe their encounter.

Level 2, Mythic 3

The Rathwood

Red tells Tabitha that Tabitha is her daughter, and to find her cousins.

The party finally reunites, helping some rangers defeat some grey-skinned guys, and driving off a “sand wolf”. The rangers (led by Elowen) take the party to Rathwood Hall where they meet Cenate Loren. Loren offers them shelter and training if they’ll work.

A year passes, and Adran and Lydia hit a growth spurt (-1 age penalty to stats). Each PC earns 200g to spend as they choose (for every day spent crafting their own gear, reduce this total by 2g). Adran communes with the cosmos and is convinced that Ladina is gone.

Party is now Level 2, Mythic Tier 2

Darkness Comes

The Holy City is invaded by an army of strange creatures wielding beautiful weapons (as well as a 60-foot tall, two-headed wolf, and a woman with no eyes who cries blood). The statue of Ladina in the Temple Gardens has been blackened and destroyed.

Eva ran towards the danger and was saved at the last moment. The three orphans met in the orphanage just as Master Bullwick raised a barrier against the invaders and Mistress Anna fought alongside him. Anna eventually convinced the children to flee into the forest.

The children have spent a week in the woods, trying to find food and water, avoiding wolves, and fighting a young bear. They then had a vision of Tsun, Forgal and Keira, who instructed them to survive, to stick together, to find Tabitha, to grow strong, and to free the Holy City.

The next day, the party ran across a site where 3 travellers had been chased and killed. The party looted a few items and kept heading west, looking for Tabitha, when they heard sounds of combat just ahead…

Level 2, and Mythic Tier 1, and 2 more bonus points for apprenticeship

Time to learn a trade

Master Bullwick has insisted that each child learn a trade. He gave each child a choice of two tradesmen who were willing to bring them aboard.

Adran apprenticed with Thack the smith. After helping to save Thack from being kidnapped, Thack gave Adran his favourite hammer.

Aoibhe apprenticed with Captain Lajoie, a fisherman and sailor. After helping the Captain’s ship and crew survive a nasty storm, the Captain gave Aoibhe his favourite scaling knife.

Tabitha apprenticed with Red, the innkeeper. After helping Red toss out some troublemakers, Red gave Tabitha her favourite frying pan.

In addition, each character gets 2 free skill points to spend on apprenticeship-related skills.

Characters have levelled up to 1st level.

(Phil: I’d like to run your intro at 0th before you go up to 1st, but it shouldn’t take long, so you may want to have both versions ready for next session)


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