Children of the Temple

Time to learn a trade

Master Bullwick has insisted that each child learn a trade. He gave each child a choice of two tradesmen who were willing to bring them aboard.

Adran apprenticed with Thack the smith. After helping to save Thack from being kidnapped, Thack gave Adran his favourite hammer.

Aoibhe apprenticed with Captain Lajoie, a fisherman and sailor. After helping the Captain’s ship and crew survive a nasty storm, the Captain gave Aoibhe his favourite scaling knife.

Tabitha apprenticed with Red, the innkeeper. After helping Red toss out some troublemakers, Red gave Tabitha her favourite frying pan.

In addition, each character gets 2 free skill points to spend on apprenticeship-related skills.

Characters have levelled up to 1st level.

(Phil: I’d like to run your intro at 0th before you go up to 1st, but it shouldn’t take long, so you may want to have both versions ready for next session)


Midnotion Midnotion

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