Children of the Temple

The Archive

The PCs fly up to the secret-containing cloud only to discover the Archive, a flying castle guarded by emotionless flying people. After defeating enough guardians to enter, they discover a small doll in the vestibule that answers questions about the Archive.

They learn that the Crying Goddess has managed to replicate Ladina’s ability to create protection barriers, and that Tylo was expecting her to destroy him. He believed that the Crying Goddess was attempting to regain the heavens, and take revenge upon Night. To that end, she began construction of the great tower in Celes and he believed that he (a child of Vox, with domain over creatures of the air) would be a logical next step in her assault.

A carefully worded clue in his diary directs the PCs to the oldest and most powerful artifacts, where they find a warehouse full of magical items and 7 pieces of raw Chaos.

Level 4, Mythic 6
Eva is full size now.

Characters can each select up to 8000g worth of magical items from the Archives.


Midnotion Midnotion

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