Children of the Temple

Home at Last

After the charmed Urgg lets the party in through the barrier, Lydia quickly kills him and the party sets off for Red’s inn. Evading patrols at the edge of the city, Tabitha guides the others to the escape route she used to leave the inn. Finding the tunnel blocked off by the foundations of the massive spire being built in the city, the party takes to the streets.

Making hurried disguises for themselves, they make way for the inn through rubble-choked back alleys. The others are convinced that she’s going the wrong way, but eventually put their faith in her and let her lead them on.

After being welcomed at the back door to the inn, Tabitha and Red have a long-awaited heart-to-heart.

The party comes up with a plan to topple the tower where it gets sufficiently thin and after a rest and a good meal, set out for the spire, transformed into a flock of vultures by Trixie. As they get closer and closer, the spire seems larger and larger, until they eventually realize that space is being warped, and that the tower is not as thin as they thought, and also much taller. They resolve to go as high as they can and shatter it there.


Midnotion Midnotion

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