Children of the Temple

A Thorny Problem

Six months pass. The party gets attacked by a variety of beasts with blackthorns growing out of their bodies. Noting the frequency of attacks focussed on the PCs, Cenate Loren sends the PCs north to find what shelter they may at Clanhold PaDran, accompanied by Elowen and her husband Braiden. Loren sends along a chest with 800g to offer as a bribe to the clan, as there have been regular conflicts between the Rathwood and the Clans.

The party then convinces the rangers to let the children go ahead on their own, to increase the chances of a good reception from the Clansmen.

They find a couple of abandonned clanholds (one of which had been swallowed up by the earth). Each had a black stone doorway (like the one the giant two-headed wolf came out of in Celes, only smaller).

They eventually made it to a friendly clanhold at the edges of clan territory and settled in.

The party has a chest with 800g, a mule and a cart.

Adran is full size, Tabitha and Aoibhe grow to -1

Level 3, Mythic 4


Midnotion Midnotion

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